Friday, October 28, 2011


To be honest, I am only making a blog because I think I now fall into the "Old Person" category.  I have always thought that blogging was/ is for old people who don't Facebook.  Well...the time has come and I am graduating, which bumps me up to join my "old people" groupies. 

I have loved my time here at USU.  Here is a list of all my faves:

1. Walking around campus in the morning as the sun is rising. 
2. Seeing so many of my good friends...
3....and making new friends.
4. Filling up my water bottle with the ice from the QuickStop.
5. Going into the computer lab right before a paper is due and seeing the greater majority of your classmates working on their paper too! :)
6. Walking up old main steps at sunset and seeing at least 3 couples sitting and "talking" :)
8. The Scotsman being belted by the dedicated Aggie fans during an EPIC basketball game! 
9. Aggie Basketball in general!! :)
....And to round off my top 10...
10.  Finding out that in the Engineering building they have Free donuts and a movie basically every morning!

Well... tonight is all the Halloween fun! It's the first time in my college career that I will not be going to the Howl! Each year I have been serving on the Institute counsel/ committee and this year we are not doing anything with it...YEAH!! :) So, my roommates and I are dressing up as Disney princesses and going to parties! :) I am Cinderella and hopefully I will post some pictures...sometime! Well... I haven't graduated yet so I have a midterm due on Monday and I haven't even started it so...I better get on it eh?!
Peace and Love.  Hugs and Kisses.